Shadows of the Leaves

Solar glare and shadows on the wall from the leaves

I wandered through a monument of conventional learning. Walls of stone, colored with warmth held none, save for where the sun shone brightly through the windows. I followed the light out to the parking lot where dozens of cars baked in the midday sun and wandered some more. I took a path around the building and across a set of railroad tracks to where a small trail, shrouded and hidden by lush summer foliage invited me to explore. The trail had been occupied before by those who had no home. Empty food cans and remnants of winter clothing were strewn across a patch of shorter shrubs covered and with discarded toys and books were all left behind.

It was a wonder that such a grove of natural splendor made me feel so distant from the world of man that I was just in. Was I just there? How long had I been on this path? The current of a great river triumphed over the traffic just barely visible through the trees. The warm air caressed my senses with a gentle relief from the humid river air, and a musky sweet scent from the flowering trees nearby.

I continued to wander and I watched the shadows of the leaves dance along the ground and give the illusion of other beings lurking in the shadows. A long willow branch bade me farewell with a light touch from its extended tendrils carried by the breeze. Once again I was at the railroad tracks behind the buildings of man’s learning.  However, should I need a reprieve from the cold walls and closed air; I know that not far away is my escape to the untamed natural haven.