Getting Too Much Excitment Lately!

Isn’t it interesting how little things can make you excited?

Lately, lots of little things have been making me smile or get excited. Last week I sang the National Anthem at the graduation for the school I work at. A lot of the students and staff didn’t know I sang and so when I got up there, a lot of jaws dropped before they turned to look at the flag. It was a rush of joy as I saw some of my students walk out in their caps and gowns. Some of these students had a lot of trials and challenges before getting to this day. 

Another little bit of excitement was the handshake I got before I left the stage. It wasn’t the president of the school or one of the faculty members, but the Governor of the State of NH. Granted it was just a handshake and a quick compliment, but from a person of status over the people I see on a regular basis, that made me feel very special.

Now, that day must have had some magic in the air because as I walked home (3 miles in a sun dress, but totally worth it) every road I went down where trees gave some shade, there were butterflies that fluttered around me. It was a little bit of natural wonder that made me smile along with the sun on my back. Then as I walked a person pulled over to see if I owned the car that had broken down a couple of blocks back. It wasn’t but it was really nice to be asked.

Then there is the stuff at home that makes me smile. While I am not a parent of a human child, I do have two dogs who give me so much joy. Parker and Munchkin are really cute separately and together they are a comedic duo. Parker is a 15lbs Yorkie Schnauzer mix and Munchkin is an 8 lbs Yorkie Chihuahua mix. She bosses Parker around even though she is younger and newest to the household. Their tug of war on their rope toys and sibling rivalry for our attention is hysterical, but it is when I am sitting watching tv and have them both sleeping on my legs like a furry blanket that I get to smile at my furry children, enjoying their warmth and their love.

Every now and again your spouse does something cute or unexpected that makes you go “aww”. My husband, Adam, is not overly affectionate, but he is very intuative. The thing that he does that makes me smile is when he comes up behind me in my computer chair and starts rubbing my neck or puts his ice cold hands on the small of my back. He knows that there are days when my job takes a lot out of me and it manifests into physical pain.Somehow knows exactly the right time to try to help my sore muscles out.

So these are the things that excite me on a daily basis. Well that and when a song that I haven’t heard in a long time comes up on my mp3 player, but that’s another story for another day. Today, though I got some AWESOME news that makes me more than a little excited. I applied for a job for a freelance writing position and a copy editor position. It was just a thing that David told me to apply for because he thinks I write well. I didn’t think anything would come of it. I did not get the editor position, but I did get offered to be a new writer for them. 

Let me repeat that. I am going to get PAID to WRITE! This is the start I have been looking for! There are surely words to express the flood of emotions that I am feeling, but they are all evading me at the moment; probably to let me immerse myself in this joy. I called Adam and told him and he is very excited for me, and told me that this is just another push for him to do more with his music. So now that I have told him I can tell all of you. I knew I was a writer before. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about writing (and acting). It is what I was meant to do. Whether or not I am good, it is what makes me happy and now I have the means to start focusing on it as a career.

Thank you for listening to my news and I hope that it inspires you to go after what you want to do. There is no reason not to and you will be happier if you know you are doing what you love.