Flax Seed Gel Experiment

As the viking market of Birka approaches, I understand that several members of my household will be wearing Elizabethan garments. They have asked me to recreate a specific style that requires me to roll back the front of their hair to give dimension and frame their face. I have heard and read of the wonders of flax seed being set into water that then creates a gel. Therefore, I have set five tablespoons of flax seed in a pan with two cups of water. I am leaving it to sit while I pack for the event.

The benefits of flax seeds is amazing and after learning more about the amazing results people are having, I’m excited to see what transpires here. It has been four hours since I set the flax seed in water. The seeds have all settled at the bottom of the pan. As I mix the substance and lift the spoon from the mixture, the liquid is thicker, almost like syrup but less sticky. I attempted to filter the seeds from the liquid using cheese cloth. The cheese cloth proved too small for the pan that I was using and half of the gel batch had seeds in it. I was able to secure three small tins of the gel without seeds. Off to the market we go.

We have returned from the market. The gel proved to be very light and useful in the recreation of the Elizabethan hair styles. I have requested a portrait of my household members to be commissioned. The gel did prove to be too liquid and two of the tins that held the substance spilled their contents in my satchel and hair box.

I have received a copy of the portrait of the fair Fortune St. Keyne and Bianca Anguissola. Their hair held up very well through the hustle and bustle of the market. Today I shall attempt another batch of gel, this time putting the flax seed in the cheese cloth and submerging it in water for 10 hours.