Janurary Update

I have arrived home. Well it was last week, but I spent so much time getting back into the daily routine of work, writing, recording, finding new audio to listen to… but I reminded myself that I need to update my lovely site.

There has been a lot of new things by me that have come out since I’ve been home.

I met Nobilis Reed while at Balticon and he asked me if I would be interested in reading a story for him… Well, I was under the influence of the evil mojitos but I agreed and still remembered about it when he e-mailed me afterwards. Giggle He calls me charming in the show notes. I think that just means that I’m fun to be around when intoxicated. The story is called Cursed Blades. It’s pretty hot and not safe for work (just as a warning).

Next up we have the long awaited Episode 8 of Prisoners of the Alliance. This is the first chapter of the heart of the story and I think you all will like the way it pans out.

Then there is a show in the audio drama sector. GAIAat BrokenSea is a show where I got to create my own character to be a fighter pilot. As many people who know me in person know I used to play Everquest 2… A LOT. So I wanted to make a lizard type creature and I named her after my main character, Sokari. In this episode I also do an impression of Marilyn Monroe and I am Terrorist #9. It is a part in the show, please do not think that I am an actual terrorist. The only people I would really terrorize are the peeps on Twitter that I heart oh so much.

Been doing several interview or arranging them for Scriveners Circle and we have both an interview with Jennifer Hudock and Scott Sigler on deck. David just needs to get the time to produce them. I really should try to help him out with that. Maybe one day someone will want to interview us wink wink.

Otherwise, I need to get writing. I have two new stories started, Part 2 of Prisoners of the Alliance, Stargazers, and I’m sure there are more things on my google docs that I need to revisit and flesh out.

Anyway, that’s my time. Stay tuned. I should have more updates soon!

Look, I’m posting Again!

Alrighty kids. I know you are all frothing at the bit to hear more about Stargazers, Absolution and the like. Let me just say, Absolution is a beast that I am taming slowly but surely with the help of Ayoub Khote and David Sobkowiak. We are working really hard to get it done but part of that requires me to record. (Bad Laura. Bad)

As to Stargazers, I realize I have been neglecting the story and its characters, so I am handing over the reigns to the woman who has lovingly helped me create the world, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard. I don’t know how she works on all the shows that she does at the same time, but she does it with style!

Other than that I have been actively being crafty and working on getting a job down in Massachusetts so I can move down there. As we all know the job market is crap right now, so it is really difficult for me to get out of the customer service field. If anyone has any leads, let me know. I have, however, started working on making things like those tiny top hats for ladies, and I have to say, I am excited by the product. I will post pictures later, but what do you think some one would pay for a custom made mini top hat?